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A Socially Responsible Company

When your roots are deep in the rural mountain villages of the Himalayas, you tend to take social responsibility very seriously. 
    Ishwar and Dil Kumari Gurung of Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. were born and raised in the tiny mountain village of Sikre Village which lies in the shadow of the Langtang Mountain Range. It’s a hardscrabble village where most of the people barely make a living doing subsistence farming. The farms are scattered on terraced land that clings to the side of the mountains.
    It was here that Ishwar and Dil Kumari learned about the importance of family and community. Even though they did come to Kathmandu, they never left their roots in this tiny village. Here you will find their families still working the land in traditional methods, and usually by hand. Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. commits each year a minimum of 10% of its profits to helping community projects in Nepal. Ishwar and Dil Kumari commit more than just money; they also commit their time to making lives better for those less fortunate.

Ishwar Bahadur Gurung

- Managing Director

It is a real honor that you are taking the time to read our web-site. Each person that I work with at Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. quickly becomes a personal friend. It just naturally happens because of our commitment to personalized service as well as quality care. My wife Dil Kumari and I come from a small rural village north of Kathmandu high in the Himalayas. Growing up in a small community taught us the importance of friendship, honor and integrity. It was in our little village that we …

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Global Network

Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. has over the last 20 years developed a strong, global network in all of the major cities of the world. We have carefully selected only the best people to work with in the various ports and cities on every continent around the world.


Two decades of experience has taught us whom to work with. These connections are just a phone call away, and because they know our name, they give us top priority. When you are in a position to call people by their first names, you share a special bond that we put to work for your goods.


It doesn’t matter if you are shipping to Australia, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa or South American, we have those important connections in this global society. Our tracking systems allows us to track any item at any particular point in its journey from you to your recipient or destination.  Often, a simple phone call will solve almost any problem we can possibly anticipate, keeping things moving along at the fastest speed possible.



Our strengths are our connections around the world. From Kathmandu to Timbuktu, we have developed strong working relationships with agents everywhere. We know how to move goods from the ports in India and Bangladesh to and from Nepal. We have connections in major sea ports like New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong and beyond to personally track items that are shipped. Because of these important connections, we literally make things happen with priority service.

In any business, who you know is very important. Because Secure Freight International (P) Ltd has two decades of experience in the Freight Forwarding business, we are on a first name basis with thousands of important people in the industry. We can put those connections to work for you.


Plans & Development

Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. is ever committed to providing the finest in logistical services to our clients in their shipping and freight forwarding needs both locally and around the world.  Because of our personal service and commitment to excellence, we can meet the needs of all of our customers, personalizing services to expedite their products in combination with our quality of service.


Each of our freight forwarding customers has very specific needs. Some clients ship year around, while others have different shipping patterns, depending upon peak seasons, harvests or seasonal needs. Some ship in large containers while others ship small goods that need to reach their markets quickly.


Secure Freight International (P) Ltd remains committed to the shipping needs and concerns of each of its clients. We know and understand the various international regulations and are up to date on the various free trade agreements.  Our knowledge means we have that important information to make shipping your goods as hassle free as possible.


Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. understands special labeling, how to ship hazardous materials and the intricacy of shipping sensitive electronic parts and items. We use the appropriate packaging designed for each of your unique products.


Why not put those connections to work for you and your goods?