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Cargo Insurance Consultancy

Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. understands the importance of Cargo Insurance when it comes to freight forwarding. There is always a risk when shipping. Cargo Insurance can reduce the worry as well as the business loss should anything unexpected occur. Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. goes beyond the minimum when it comes to providing insurance. We offer extremely competitive insurance rates for most commodities.


We offer single insurance coverage along with annual blanket policies through highly reputable and reliable freight forwarding insurers who know and understand the business.


By planning ahead, Secure Freight International (P) Ltd. can quickly and adequately assist all of their clients if in the remote chance something should go wrong. We are here to serve you all the way through every transaction.


Travel Insurance


Secure Freight International (P) Ltd offers good insurance policies in US Dollars under the following policies:


a)      Theft, pilferage and non-delivery

b)      All risk insurance coverage excluding terrorist

c)   All risk insurance coverage including terrorism